Thursday, May 7, 2009

Berlin For Sale

Actually just the Kaufhaus des Westens department store, continental Europe's largest. Better known as KaDeWe, this 102-year-old establishment stood through both World Wars, capitalized on the Cold War, and is accepting all offers foreign and domestic. It has become as much a representation of Berlin as any, so for many Berliners, the metaphor is fitting.

Here is a link to the LA Times article.




These photos are from the University of Texas at Austin's Berlin Topographies website. Check it out if you have the time. They have an extensive photo archive of major locations in Berlin as well as information about Berlin literature, film, and art.

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  1. I've been lost in this department store...literally could not find my way out. It's impressive and one of the many center in the city. It's also close to the zoo, another center piece in Berlin. What a complex wonderful city!