Thursday, May 28, 2009

Edge of Heaven

This was my second time watching this film and as such I think I caught a lot more of the cinematic features of the movie rather than trying to follow dialogue and character's connections to each other. I just now made the connection to the title and the final shot, Nejat sitting on the edge of the Black Sea. I could focus on aspects other than plot. It was interesting to see the portrayal of the various types if immigration that occurs. there seemed to be the legal and established immigrant in Ali and his son, then the maybe legal, but still poor Yeter working as a prostitute, and finally the illegal immigration of Ayten. Ironically too, all the main characters end the film in Turkey (or dead in Yeter's case) as a sort of reverse immigration.

The types of prisons and detainment centers was really novel to me, as well as immigration policies. The processes seemed to take a long time, or at least a long time in the film. I remember thinking "It's already been a year?" I'm not sure how this compares to average time for a trial or appeal or application for refugee status is though, so all I have to go off of is my initial reaction.

I wonder what the process is for gaining admittance to the EU. I know that Turkey has for some time been trying to get in, and it seems almost likely, but in the film, they made it seem inevitable. I would like to research this a little more and see how close Turkey is to actually being accepted, how long they've been trying, and more general information on the process itself for gaining admittance.

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